Aug 3 2022

Human Rights in the Business World

With Michael Posner & Julianne Hughes-Jennett

Jul 27 2022

What Can We Do About Gun Control?

With Eric Ruben, Stacylyn Doore & Duane R. Lyons

Jul 20 2022

College Athletes Are Monetizing

With Lori Odierno

Jul 7 2022

Legal Issues Facing Big Cities: A Conversation with the Mayors of NYC and Miami

With Mayor Eric Adams & Mayor Francis X. Suarez

Jun 29 2022

Susan Estrich on Roe v. Wade, Gun rights and Hijacking of “Me Too”

With Susan Estrich

Jun 22 2022

Legal Issues in Higher Education

With Michael K. Young & Ambassador Crystal Nix-Hines (Ret.)

Jun 15 2022

Mediator extraordinaire Kenneth (Ken) Feinberg on mass tort and disaster settlements

With Kenneth (Ken) Feinberg

Jun 8 2022

Crypto, Anti-Money Laundering & Compliance Issues

With Ellen Zimiles & Katherine (Katie) A. Lemire

May 18 2022

The Judge Who Hears 25% of Patent Cases in the US

With US District Judge Alan Albright

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